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Honest Natural Quality Products
From the Jezzine and Zahrani Region

We work hand in hand with local farmers and producers to bring you the best our land has to offer.

Our products combine the farmers’ traditional expertise with state-of-the-art equipment.
To give you a taste of the region’s heritage, and empower the farming community.


Regrowing Our Land and Heritage

Southern Lebanon has been marked by decades of war and occupation. During that time, scores of farmers were forced to flee the region and leave their legacy behind. The resulting decrease of producers and cultivated lands led to growing gaps across all levels of the agricultural value chain: pre-harvest, harvest, processing, packaging, branding, and distribution.

But it all started to change in 2014, when a group of individuals came together around a common goal: to develop the region’s rural and social sectors, and re-establish its agricultural heritage.

This is how the Jezzine and Zahrani Development Company (JAZ) was born.


Give you the best of the region’s heritage. Boost its rural, agricultural and social development. Spread expertise, ethical values and international standards to the community.
Quality & Consistency
Merge traditional know-how with advanced stainless steel equipment for the highest health and quality standards, to deliver honest, premium, natural products.
Purchase the raw material at prices that benefit producers. Keep strict quality requirements, procurement procedure, and supervision of the full value chain.
Social Empowerment
Provide training, advice and financial assistance to producers with the help of international institutions, to increase their yield and improve their harvesting and production practices.
Rural Development
Increase the number of cultivated lands by backing high-potential crops and agribusiness activities. Fill the gaps in the value chain to foster agricultural and economic opportunities.
Preserve the historic Bkassine Pine Forest and others across the region. Bring in experts to improve forest conservation and land management through Good Agricultural Practices.
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